Danish Deaf Youth Association (DDU) is a national organization for young deaf people between 0-30 years. DDU is an organization that every day fights for equal conditions in the Danish society for the approximately 1,000 deaf children and young people.

DDU works hard to provide members unique with experiences in the form of courses, worksops and camps - both nationally and internationally. DDU strives to be a positive and modern organization with room for all groups of young deaf people: ethnic deaf CI-operated deaf young deaf - and deaf people with other disabilities. In the daily work the Secretariat will provide with facts, paragraphs and background information - DDU wants to be seen as a credible partner for members, politicians and society in general.

DDU consists of a board with five members elected at an annual general meeting. The secretariat consists of two employees, who perform the daily tasks.


When are you deaf?

In Denmark there are approximately 3.000-4.000 deaf people, who use sign language as their mother tongue. In addition, some 10.000 who use sign language, because they are related to deaf or work with it every day. Many deaf people do not regard themselves as disabled, but see themselves as part of a linguistic and cultural minority, mostly defined by their native language: sign language. Sign language gives identity and cultural significance.



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